L’enigma Giacomo

In this "TV movie", directed by Joan Marimon, Jaume and his family are about to start a summer trip, but Jaume's father, an archaeologist like him, dies. He believed that only Jaume could find the treasure of Giacomo Casanova, a treasure that obsessed him all his life. This is how Jaume separates from Sara and his family and begins the adventure that must lead him to the hidden treasure of Casanova, without knowing that he will put more than one life in danger. Barcelona and Valencia are the stages that Joan Marimon chose to shoot an adventure movie, "L'enigma Giacomo". He describes it as a family genre with a fantastic component, which, in addition to the quest for treasure, touches issues such as jealousy, hatred between siblings or the sexual initiation of a girl.

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Director: Joan Marimón
Production: Maria Soler Chopo, Xavi García, Raquel Esteban
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep M. Quintana, Angel Esteban Manolo Gil
Year: 2008
Guión: Joan Marimon, Àngels Diemand, Lluís Vega y Jordi Vallejo
Coproducción de: RTVV, TV3, Createl y Mat Media
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