La salut al cistell

The television show informs the good habits of the food process in an entertaining way; to achieve this, it reviews the entire product route: from the origin to the consumer's plate. Farmland, fishing areas or livestock are some of the places visited to see where it comes from what we eat, then it goes to some traditional markets to learn how to distribute, handle, and efficiently buy food. Various recipes are also proposed, thanks to the knowledge of the Chef Angel Pascual, and also food alternatives to achieve a balanced menu.

The program has as its main goal an special guest that goes with one of the presenters, Màbel Martí, to the market. Then, the guest goes to the set and talks with Marcel Gorgori, the second presenter, about the characteristics of food to produce balanced menus. With the help of the Physiology professor, August Corominas, who also offers nutrition advice. In addition, in each program there is a monographic report on a basic product of our food, such as oil, bread, vegetables, fish or meat. Therefore, the program is based on four sections: the market, the basket, the kitchen and the theme of the day.

The program is promoted by more than twenty organizations and companies, among which we can highlight the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Municipal Markets of Barcelona, Mercabarna, Diputació de Girona, Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Municipal Markets of Girona, Gas Natural, Llet Nostra, Gourmet, Arròs Segadors del Delta i Cooperativa d'Arrossaires del Delta de l'Ebre, Cadí D.O., Sal Costa, Vichy Catalán o Argal

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Director: Xavier Altarriba
Production: Eugenia Gine
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep M. Quintana
Year: 2009
Realization: Antoni Janes
Has appeared on television