Estudiants per la llibertat

"Students for freedom" tells the story of the struggle for the liberties of university students during the dictatorship of General Franco and the subsequent events, until the first democratic elections. The process by which the Franco regime loses the university, the years of revolt and the democratic resumption are analyzed in depth. The treatment is done on two sides: on one hand, the historical facts, with names and surnames, documents and testimonies of historians. And, on the other hand, the anonymous events of so many people who participated and that do not appear or will never appear in the history books, and who make known to those who did not live it as it was the daily life of the facts. This type of items, which include topics as diverse as the demonstration, the banner, the graffiti or the cinema club, appear in the form of small clips or separators that give dynamism and rhythm to the documentary.

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Director: Francesc Canosa
Production: Maria Soler Chopo
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep M. Quintana i Jorge Tsabutzoglu
Year: 2008
Realization: Félix Duque
Guión: Joaquim Roglán
Coproducción de: Createl, Creasur Producciones, TV3 y Canal Sur
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