Dalí Nostrum

"Dalí Nostrum" approaches the figure of the painter Salvador Dalí and focuses on his personality. In an original way, it reviews with the viewers a peculiar way of being, and it approaches the main aspects that helped to configure the person. And this review is done in the form of thematic blocks introduced by significant paintings of the artist: family relationships, coexistence with Gala, friendship, money, religion, sex, family, food, and the landscape of the Empordà. For example, he emphasized that Dalí, as a child, was a very well-offed child, the injured relationship he had with his father, or the conflicting appearance of his muse, Gala, who dislikes the family because she is a married woman, with a daughter and with too provocative customs for the time.

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Director: Josep M. Quintana
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep M. Quintana
Year: 2004
Realization: Oriol Bramona
Coproducción de: Createl, TV3, EVTV y RTVV
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