Això no és cap joc

Nowadays, digital entertainment moves more business volume than cinema, theater and music together. "Online" games are part of daily life, thanks to the emergence of new technologies or family consoles, of millions and millions of people of all ages: children, young people, and even elderly people.

This documentary, produced by the "Digital Generation" program, shows two reference events in the world of video games: one on a global scale, the E3 in Los Angeles, and the other on a local scale, the Gamelab in Barcelona. Through these events, a review of this constantly growing sector has ceased to be just a game to become a fundamental part of today's audiovisual culture.

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Director: Jordi Sellas i Albert Murillo
Production: Juli Modesto
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep M. Quintana
Year: 2012
Realization: Martí Genís
Guión: Ramon Pardina
Has appeared on television