The knowledge of new technologies, information and communication allows us to provide a multi-support perspective to our developments.
The '360 degree vision' has to be implemented as a mandatory philosophy in our projects.
We mainly work on the change that affects the conceptualization of content, which, from its birth, must be able to have a life of its own, not in a single format, but in the various digital systems. Logically, this forces to modify certain procedures of accomplishment, the formats of the products, the ways and the languages of expression, even part of the organization of the company.
The building of a project, even of a brand, must be a step prior to the processes of production and distribution, which, from the beginning, is projected towards new markets (both national and international) of consumption. The creativity, the intensive application of technology and the original, and sometimes transgressive, marketing of the product are recombined in innovative business models in the commercial extension of the audiovisual product, and its material derivatives. This fact forces the incorporation of actors from other fields interested in creating synergies aimed at developing new models of collaboration and business.
This approach allows the company and the channel to obtain revenue associated to the content outside of the strictly television field, which requires decisive support for new media in the construction of the audience and the brand of products.
Experience in the creation and production of television projects.
The essential piece of the company is the ability to create and produce audiovisual content, a factory of ideas that must be the permanent dynamic motor of the activity. The demand for content will always exist in the audiovisual market as a source of value regardless of the business models that arise in the future.

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