¿Y tú, bailas?

Three couples participate in each program and compete in a variety of types of dance, such as rock, tropical rhythms and ballroom dancing. But the show goes beyond the competition and has more relaxed sections, such as exhibitions by some of the best dancers in the world. Àngels Gonyalons opens the program with choreographies that are homages to great myths of the musical genre, such as "Copacabana", "Viva Las Vegas!", "Grease" or "La Sirenita". The jury is made up of renowned choreographers who value the technique, the rhythm, the choreography and the costumes of the participants.

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Director: Ricard Reguant
Production: Joan Vinaixa
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep M. Quintana
Year: 1998
Realization: Ricard Reguant
Una Producción de: BRB Internacional
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