El cas de la núvia dividida

In this "TV movie", directed by Joan Marimon, the appearance of the mutilated body of a woman wrapped in a wedding veil opens the case of a psychopath who is rebuilding his ideal wife based on parts of different corpses. Policemen who follow the case, Toni and Àlex, have a very tense relationship from the beginning. In addition, the psychopath in question plays with them: he provides them small clues and makes both Toni and Alex face their personal fears and traumas. All the suspects who find, all the directions that take the case are strange and bewildering; whenever the police think they have found the solution, something forces them to continue. In the end, Àlex will get into the wolf's mouth to catch the culprit.

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Director: Joan Marimón
Production: Juli Modesto
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep M. Quintana, Angel Esteban Manolo Gil i Joan Lluís Goas
Year: 2007
Guión: Joan Marimon
Una Coproducción de: RTVV, TV3, Liberty Ent. Company i Mat Media
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