Generació Digital

It is a multiplatform project that was born in 2002 as a radio program and, in 2011, began broadcasting on television. Today, the project has a website, a blog and profiles in the main social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The program approaches digital technology, entertainment and culture to the audience. Presented by Lluís Marquina and Albert Murillo, the space that combines disclosure and entertainment, puts in value the useful and social side of the technology, and acts as an amplifier of digital culture. The program is also a showcase of Catalan entrepreneurship initiatives in the sector, a successful and growing business fabric.

The team of the program constantly scans the network to select the most curious, surprising and viral videos on the internet. A weekly selection of images that complements the other reports of the program. We give space to video games, the actuality generated by the Twitter 'trending topic' and interviews with people of our generation. We can’t forget one of the most important parts: the participation through the live application of Facebook and Twitter.

Digital world lovers or not, everyone can be part of "Digital Generation" and every week, a user manual is offered to enjoy and make the most of it.

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Dirección: Lluís Marquina
Producció: Trina Espejo
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep M. Quintana
Any: 2011
Realización: Joan Ramón Anguera
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