El lloc dels fets

"El lloc dels fets" is a production that is based on the discovery of historical events that took place in specific places around Catalonia. The program does a journalistic investigation that wants to solve mysteries.

The host of "El lloc dels fets", Marc de las Heras, guides the viewer for the places where unique historical events took place, and he investigates the clues with the help of historians and specialists. In addition, the viewer will be able to know the history with close proximity, thanks to the introduction of recreations of characters and atmospheres of the most important moments of each episode.

With this idea, different points of the Catalan geography will be traced to discover, treason, scams, crimes, secrets, obsessions or revenge that happened in Sant Pere de Casserres, in the Iberian settlement of Ullastret, in the Castle of Miravet, in the Maricel palace from Sitges, to the Seu Vella of Lleida, to the Monasteries of Santes Creus, Sant Pere de Rodes, Sant Cugat del Vallès or Santa Maria de Ripoll, to the Roman Tarraco, to the Royal Palace of Barcelona, to the University of Cervera, and the Manufactures Asland of Castelló de N'Hug. Thirteen places with thirteen stories, most of them not known, which take us to a past that goes from the Iberians to the beginning of the 20th century that will allow us to enjoy the beauty of these monuments, its surroundings and the attractions that they currently offer.

"El lloc dels fets" is the first transmedia project of TV3. As well as in the television and the website, there will be a platform for mobile devices with three layers.
The first one will allow us to make visits to each monument and experience the history closely, using multimedia technologies combined with geolocation; we will revive our stories wherever they happened. The second one will allow us to connect to the Mobile History Map the educational project of mSchools where more than three thousand students from all over Catalonia will provide historical recreations in video format of themes related to "El lloc dels fets". The third one will provide us with comprehensive tourist information about each monument.

This platform will be activated when each program is being broadcast. But it will also be operational after the emission, when the audience wants to visit the proposed sites.

"El lloc dels fets" is a production of TV3 and Createl, directed by Jesús Font, in collaboration with l’Agencia Catalana de Patrimoni, l’Agència Catalana de Turisme, les Diputacions Catalanes i GSMA.


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Dirección: Jesús Font
Producció: Juli Modesto
Producción Ejecutiva: Josep Maria Quintana
Any: 2017
Realización: Jesús Font
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